Publications listed below have been published by Klimapolis partners and are related the scientific themes of the Laboratory. These are non-exhaustive and this page will be updated regularly.


Development of a spatialized atmospheric emission inventory for the main industrial sources in Brazil

Kawashima, A. B., Martins, L. D., Abou Rafee, S. A., Rudke, A. P., de Morais, M. V., & Martins, J. A.

2020, In: Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Governing complexity and environmental justice: lessons from the water crisis in Metropolitan São Paulo (2013-2015)

Torres, P. H. C., Côrtes, P. L., & Jacobi, P. R.

2020, In: Desenvolvimento e Meio Ambiente

Is the Brazilian National Climate Change Adaptation Plan Addressing Inequality? Climate and Environmental Justice in a Global South Perspective

Torres, P. H. C., Leonel, A. L., Pires de Araújo, G., & Jacobi, P. R.

16.04.2020, In: Environmental Justice

Occurrence of Pesticides Associated to Atmospheric Aerosols: Hazard and Cancer Risk Assessments

Yera, A. M., Nascimento, M. M., da Rocha, G. O., de Andradeb, J. B., & Vasconcellos, P. C.

2020, In: J. Braz. Chem. Soc.

Ozone trends on equatorial and tropical regions of South America using Dobson spectrophotometer, TOMS and OMI satellites instruments

Sousa, C. T., Leme, N. M. P., Martins, M. P. P., Silva, F. R., Penha, T. L. B., Rodrigues, N. L., ... & Hoelzemann, J. J.

10.04.2020, In: Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics

When salient science is not enough to advance climate change adaptation: Lessons from Brazil and Australia

Serrao-Neumann, S., Di Giulio, G., & Choy, D. L.

07.05.2020, In: Environmental Science & Policy



A comparative chemical study of PM10 in three Latin American cities: Lima, Medellín, and São Paulo

Pereira, G. M., Oraggio, B., Teinilä, K., Custódio, D., Huang, X., Hillamo, R., ... & de Castro Vasconcellos, P.

02.09.2019, In: Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health

Air quality of an urban school in São Paulo city

Pereira, D. C. A., Custódio, D., de Andrade, M. D. F., Alves, C., & de Castro Vasconcellos, P.

19.10.2019, In: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

Analysis of PM2.5 concentrations under pollutant emission control strategies in the metropolitan area of São Paulo, Brazil

Taciana, T. D. A., West, J., Andrade, M. D. F., Ynoue, R. Y., Andreão, W. L., dos Santos, F. S., ... & Martins, L. D.

13.09.2019, In: Environmental Science and Pollution Research

A new energy world in the making: Imaginary business futures in a dramatically changing world of decarbonized energy production

Engels, A., Kunkis, M., & Altstaedt, S.

24.10.2019, In: Energy Research & Social Science

Bridging the gap between will and action on climate change adaptation in large cities in Brazil

Di Giulio, G. M., Torres, R. R., Lapola, D. M., Bedran-Martins, A. M., da Penha Vasconcellos, M., Braga, D. R., ... & Jacaúna, T.

01.11.2019, In: Regional Environmental Change

Evaluation of New CORDEX Simulations Using an Updated Köppen–Trewartha Climate Classification

Remedio, A. R., Teichmann, C., Buntemeyer, L., Sieck, K., Weber, T., Rechid, D., ... & Jacob, D.

19.11.2019, In: Atmosphere

Exploratory and comparative analysis of the morphology and chemical composition of PM2.5 from regions with different socioeconomic characteristics

Quijano, M. F. C., Mateus, V. L., Saint'Pierre, T. D., Bott, I. S., & Gioda, A.

25.03.2019, In: Microchemical Journal

Extreme events, climate change and adaptation in the state of São Paulo

Giulio, G. M. D., Torres, R. R., Vasconcellos, M. D. P., Braga, D. R., Mancini, R. M., & Lemos, M. C.

2019, In: Ambiente & Sociedade

Inspection and maintenance programs for in-service vehicles: An important air pollution control tool

Ventura, L. M. B., de Oliveira Pinto, F., Gioda, A., & Márcio de Almeida, D. A.

14.11.2019, In: Sustainable Cities and Society

Lifelong Learning and its Importance in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Vieira, D.

01.10.2019, In: Quality Education



Desenvolvimento urbano em áreas de fronteira: o caso do Itaim Paulista

Koury, A. P., & Cavallari, T. V.

14.06.2018, In: urbe. Revista Brasileira de Gestão Urbana


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