Klimapolis Laboratory
Kick-off meeting (2nd phase)

27-29 October 2020
(All times are Brazilian time – GMT-3)

The meeting will be live streamed via the Klimapolis YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUeEmOFOBYS3yiNuvmNTN4w

The agenda can be found here as an PDF.

Day 1 – Tuesday, 27th October 2020
10:00hs – Opening (Judith Hoelzemann, Anita Engels, Rita Ynoue)
10:10hs – Prof. Henio Ferreira de Miranda (Vice-Rector, UFRN)
10:20hs – Review of phase 1 (Nico Caltabiano)
10:35hs – Introduction of partners
11:00hs – Round table “Environmental and climate science to policy in NEB cities” (in Portuguese)
Mediator: Judith Hoelzemann (UFRN)

  • Samanta Della Bella (Sustainability and Climate Superintendent, SEMAS – Pernambuco State)
  • Eduardo Martins (President, FUNCEME – Ceará State)
  • Victor Ventura (Head of Legal Office, SUDEMA – Paraíba State)
  • Leonlene Aguiar (Director, IDEMA – Rio Grande do Norte State)

12:30hs – End of day

Day 2 – Wednesday, 28th October 2020
10:00hs – Partner activities survey: a review (Anita Engels, Rita Ynoue)
10:20hs – Discussion and planning
11:00hs – Round table “Funding transdisciplinary research and perspectives for international

Mediator: Guy Brasseur (MPI-M)

  • Erica Key (Executive Director, Belmont Forum)
  • Heloísa Candia Hollnagel (Director of International Affairs, CAPES)
  • Christian Stertz (Advisory Minister, German Embassy in Brasilia)

12:30hs – End of day

Day 3 – Thursday, 29th October 2020
10:00hs – Integrative studies discussion (Lead: Ana Paula Koury, Regina Miranda, Martin Kohler)

  • How to make scientifically sound, policy relevant, real world labs
  • What are the issues?
  • How to integrate those results?
  • How to replicate successful stories in other cities?

11:30hs – Preparing the Klimapolis Science Plan (discussion session)
12:15hs – Wrap-up and final remarks
12:30hs – End of meeting

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